art & technology: an issue of audience?

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by Benjamin Weil on April 11, 1997 at 18:18:34:

the use of technology once again raises the issue of the importance of mastery in the practice of the arts. Indeed, art as often been evaluated in terms of the artist's "hand skills", her r his ability to paint or scuplt well, etc. the intricacies of technology often call for a collaboration between the artist as "concept" developer and the technician as the person who is in charge of implementing those concepts. There has been extensive discussions as to what an artists needs to know about technology to experiement with it. It seems interesting to note, however, that the use of video (at least in its early stage) did not seem to raise such issue: artists appropraited the technology and freely experimented with it. When it comes to "new media", it seems like the issue is raised differently. Is it a matter of the audience it reaches out to?

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