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by Nino Rodriguez on May 05, 1997 at 15:30:14:

In Reply to: expectation & degradation posted by Pete on April 24, 1997 at 19:20:32:

Alex Galloway wrote:

"...many types of tech-based artistic production have capitalized upon
their own technological shortcomings to produce degraded forms. the
super8 camera, the xerox machine, the tape recorder..."

I think the point here is that degradable media are all analog. You can
de-magnetize an analog video tape, pop it in a deck, hit play, and it
might still look like video, but if you do the same thing to a hard
drive, you end up with nothing -- if you're lucky. Digital media either
works, or it doesn't, by definition. [ Broadly spoeaking, at least... ]

AG: "I think this calls for a radically new form of digital creativity."

Where I see the possibility for degrading digital media is in the
relationships formed with its participants -- we are its most important
analog component, and its most unpredictable element. Our perceptions can
degrade, our relationship to the digital work can degrade, our methods of
participation can degrade, our idea of what digital art is can be degraded.

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