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by ss on May 22, 1997 at 14:06:12:

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: I am completely interested in this form of design.
: But I am suspicious of how we try to name it and
: suffocate it by making it a mere "thing" such as a
: dimension.

I also have a problem with labeling time as the fourth
dimension in design. It reminds me of a lecture I heard
by Marcus Novak(*) who claims
to have discovered a fourth dimension(4d) in Architecture.
He demonstrated this dimension by showing us a video tape
of vrml worlds that transformed their shape with time
according to algorithms he programmed.

He attempted at making a clear progression from 2d-3d and
his term for the 4th "d", transarchitecture,
but his arguments didn't support his labels in any convincing

maybe some people just like to label things, and
perhaps labels attract attention.
i wonder...

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