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by yael on June 17, 1997 at 12:11:44:

In Reply to: the bureau and the artist posted by Lucy Kimbell/Soda on May 27, 1997 at 10:16:27:

I'm not sure I know which artists lucy has in mind but as for artists
creating a project based on such a model as a business or institution,
I've seen several project of that sort one was a couple of months ago at
casey kaplan gallery where the model was a lightning company with
complete presentation of the business. Candy Ass is another artist who
creates a kind of store but he is not removed from the work. The store
is about him. About "hopping across the line that conventionally marks
fine art from design" I'm not sure if that is really the story and I
don't think that is what is happening with the bureau. It's more about
functions, objectification and absurds of corporate thinking.

The interesting thing about the bureau and such projects is actaully the
removal of the artist ego from the center of the work. The artist is
invisable or part of the function as in the bureau's case the artist is
only the engineer (we're not even mentioning the artist name) . In my
case I'm the technical administrator, etc.


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