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by shu lea cheang on June 24, 1997 at 17:55:45:

In Reply to: art, money, and the corporate world posted by benjamin weil on May 09, 1997 at 18:55:22:

- ideas on the role of sponsors/corporations

The web is a much structured space, with domain names indicating
high and low, 5th avenue or bowery. segregated and unequal.

As we engage in exploring and setting critiria..(in my case,
handcoding and crawling in the spiral), we have seen the emergence
of webmafia who's set out to rule and claim. Interrupted hyperlinks.

read in on various discussion in the Rhizome forums--
the concept of creating an (ideal) virtual artist, the discussion on
digi-degrade,the authoring of a web artist, the selling of digidata,
and ultimately the upload of the barbarians (the multi-culti-cuties
transplanted), here we go again!!

In considering the corporate support, YES! Co-optation is the name of the game.
but when you don't have a product to sell, when your subject matter
gets a bit tricky, bring in sunflower avatars!!
Here, the museums, the institutions can play significant roles in
institutionalize artists and legitimize the medium as a time based form.
Corporates support institutions with white walls where their names can be
placed. The institutions have the public and board to answer.. and
artists just want to have fun!!

Fun in the sense of being granted to explore and experiment the web medium-
we sell organic web..entangled web. and yes, you can sell baby
fluid on our site, flash push and banner it.

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