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by anonymous on October 29, 1997 at 03:24:53:

In Reply to: Invitation to an art exposition posted by Stanley Tomshinsky on May 17, 1997 at 00:40:28:



: ON THE WAY by Stanley Tomshinsky

: Forty images that illustrate energy in movement and insights
: into symbolism, ranging in manner from conceptual to metaph-
: orical.

: "Stanley Tomshinsky was born in New York City in 1935. After
: graduating New York University in l959, he left for Europe.
: The following year in Paris, his research in art began. After
: five years in Paris and various travels, he settled in Milan.

: Over the years, this research encompassed: linear structures
: realized in three-dimensional and graphic mediums; paintings
: subjectively conceptualizing movements of energy, metaphysi-
: cal symbolism, and personal totemism; the gradual transition
: from graphic to pictorial, from conceptual to metaphorical.
: The paintings of the 80's and 90's are dream-like landscapes
: and figures. In 1989, the artist directed his graphic design
: output to computer generated images realized in prints and
: video."

: I hope you enjoy the show!
: ..................... st

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