Re: Fashioning a virtual Artist?

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by benjamin weil on May 09, 1997 at 17:01:23:

In Reply to: Re: Fashioning a virtual Artist? posted by G.H. Hovagimyan on May 07, 1997 at 13:52:41:

as in any area of cultural investigation, there is a lot of work that actually is understood through the filter of historical continuum. however, what we have learnt from the past decade or two, is that art historical reference cannot be applied "linearly" as a grid to understand work. i became aware of this a few years ago, while viewing an exhibition of late paintings by picasso in london: i caught myself looking at this work with a "reversal historical" model, thinking of the work of haring and basquiat, and using that as a reference to read the work i was looking at. similarly, there is a lot of work that is produced today that echoes minimal art, although formally it has nothing to do with the practice of artists who pioneedred that type of research.
i therefore do not really believe it is a matter of refering to history that is a problem. rather, it is how this reference is used.
when it comes to the kimmelman article, i believe you have indeed a very good example of misuse of the historical model. but as you know, the work of such prominent thinkers as walter benjamin has been interpreted widely, and has at times been used to justify the most conservative positions, which i would think is quite perverse!

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